Finally: Experience nights with your pets with sleeperoo

We’ve lost count of how many dog owners have asked us if they can take their four-legged friend into the Design|sleep Cube. Originally, this wasn’t possible due, in part, to the additional cleaning efforts. But as big animal lovers ourselves and passionate wish granters, we decided to launch sleeperoo4pets. These cubes are designed exclusively for pet owners and their furry friends, large or small. Just imagine spending a night in an extraordinary place together with your beloved pet! During the day you get to discover exciting things in the surrounding area and in the evening, you get to chill out and relax together in the Design|sleep Cube. The next morning, you’re off to more exploring and adventures with your best friend. You can recognize sleeperoo4pets locations by the paw icon on our spot map:
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Experience an adventure night with WOW together with your pet

Are you planning a short trip to experience nature or culture? Preferably together with your favourite person and your four-legged buddy by your side? In the future, sleeperoo4pets will be in more places that are not only magical, but also pet-friendly. Our Design|sleep Cube accommodates up to three people plus your pet and offers great panoramic views both right outside and up in the sky. Starting this summer, we will be gradually offering more magical places with sleeperoo4pets, all of which ideal for an amazingly fun experience for both two and four-legged friend. Keep an eye out on our site and check back regularly so you won’t miss anything!


Be mindful of the environment

sleeperoo4pets can only be booked for you and your pets. As you know, we at sleeperoo care about sustainability, which is why we ask you as guests to treat the Design|sleep Cube and the environment with care. For example, you could pick up some pet food with recyclable packaging before your trip and then dispose of the materials on site in an environmentally friendly way. And of course, it goes without saying that you should leash your four-legged friend wherever required. That way we can keep pet-friendly spots preserved for the long term. Maybe you have an idea of a special place that you and your furry friend would really enjoy and that would be suitable for our Design|sleep Cube. Then be sure to let us know, we look forward to your tips!

How it works

1Select your sleeperoo4pets

Whether within a certain timeframe, according to your interests or by location – the sleeperoo search can help you find your new favourite place. All sleeperoo4pets locations are marked with the paw cube icon.

2Book your sleeperoo4pets

Click on “Book” and follow the instructions. In the comment field you can enter any special requests for your host, e.g. if you’re arriving with small children or wheelchair users. Enter a voucher code, if you have one, in the shopping cart.

3We confirm your booking

You will immediately receive an email confirmation after booking. You will also receive a second email with your ticket including all information about your spot and all the details about the location, the host and your check-in and check-out times.

Good to know

Good to know

Your Design | sleep Cubes is set up at a place of your choice, making this experience truly yours. The cube is cleaned and the mattress (1.60 m x 2.00 m) is covered with fresh bed linen.
You will find a toilet with washing facilities in the immediate vicinity. Please bring your own towels and washing items.
At outdoor locations you can open sleeperoo’s privacy screen and weather protection when the weather is nice to enjoy the atmosphere of your spot up close. If it rains or there is a strong wind outside, close the cover to stay safe and dry while you sleep.

Check In

Check In

You can find the check-in time on the information sheet that will be sent to you with the ticket. Please bring your identity card or passport with you to check-in. If you are staying overnight with another person, the one whose name appears on the ticket should be able to identify him/herself. Your host will meet you at the location and tell you exactly where the sleeperoo is located, where you can find a toilet, an electrical outlet and which areas you have free access to. If you have any further questions, your host will be happy to help you. In addition, your host will give you the sleeperoo chill box with selected organic, vegan snacks and drinks.

Check Out

Check Out

Get to your host in time for the agreed check-out time. It would be nice if you left a greeting in the sleeperoo logbook before your departure – you can usually find it in the storage area at the head end. If you received a key from the host when you arrived, return it now.

After the night is before the night

Are you enthusiastic about sleeperoo? Share your experience with friends. Post photos and comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co., then look forward to the next night at a fantastic sleeperoo spot.

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