The night, the place and you.

Get away from it all! Forget the hectic everyday life and the working routine for one night. Explore unusual places at night that will amaze you: At the end of a pier, only a few meters above sea level or at the fantastic white North Sea beach. Perhaps you would prefer to be in the Black Forest on a fragrant meadow or indoors for “a night at the museum”? Sleeperoo stages breathtaking spots as well as small fine places that you can discover in a very special way. In the sleeperoo, our comfortable design| sleep cube, you can sleep alone or with a partner. Each of our cubes is set up separately and only for a few months at an exclusive location in nature or at an exciting cultural spot. This way you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the place for a night.

Alone or in pairs in the sleeperoo

The sleeperoo features a comfortable matress, which is 1.60 m wide and 2 m long, and offers space for two adults as well as a small child. Make yourself comfortable with cuddly blankets and pillows. The entire furnishing is made of sustainable materials. Integrated LED lamps provide light. Three large panorama windows offer a view of your surroundings and the sky above you. The cover of the cube can be opened wide. Our outdoor spots allow you to feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair. Even indoors you can enjoy the location directly and in its purest form. Our Chillbox contains delicious snacks and drinks of the best organic quality for an aperitif during sunset.

How it works

1Select your sleeperoo

Take a look at our interactive map and spot descriptions. Choose a spot where you want to spend the night at.

2Book the spot of your dreams!

Choose a spot where you want to spend the night at. Click on “Book” – the process is very simple. Click on your desired date from the booking calendar. If you wish to redeem a voucher, enter the voucher code in the shopping cart. During the booking process you can also add special information for your host in a comment field (e.g. travelling with a toddler, wheelchair users…). Alternatively, you can also purchase a voucher for a loved one and give them the gift of (shared) time. Click here to do so.

3After Booking

You will immediately receive a confirmation of your booking by e-mail. After that you will get a second e-mail with your ticket and an information sheet about your spot. Read the information carefully. It will contain details about the place, the host and also your check-in and check-out times.

Good to know!

Good to know!

Your sleeping cube is set up at a place of your choice, making this experience truly yours. The cube is cleaned and the mattress (1.60 m x 2.00 m) is covered with fresh bed linen.

You will find a toilet with washing facilities in the immediate vicinity. Please bring your own towels and washing items.

At outdoor locations you can open sleeperoo’s privacy screen and weather protection when the weather is nice to enjoy the atmosphere of your spot up close. If it rains or there is a strong wind outside, close the cover to stay safe and dry while you sleep.

Check In

Check In

You can find the check-in time on the information sheet that will be sent to you with the ticket. Please bring your identity card or passport with you to check-in. If you are staying overnight with another person, the one whose name appears on the ticket should be able to identify him/herself. Your host will meet you at the location and tell you exactly where the sleeperoo is located, where you can find a toilet, an electrical outlet and which areas you have free access to. If you have any further questions, your host will be happy to help you. In addition, he/she will give you a chill box with selected organic snacks and drinks.

Check Out

Check Out

Get to your host in time for the agreed check-out time. It would be nice if you left a greeting in the sleeperoo logbook before your departure – you can usually find it in the storage area at the head end. If you received a key from the host when you arrived, return it now.

After the night is before the night

Are you enthusiastic about sleeperoo? Share your experience with friends. Post photos and comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co., then look forward to the next night at a fantastic sleeperoo spot.

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