Our Values

Sustainable thinking and action are important to us

In 2017, we at sleeperoo stepped up to the challenge to broaden the possibilities of sustainable travel and make people happy while doing it. We understand that thinking and acting sustainably places high demands on all of us and requires mindfulness on many levels. We want to be economically successful, but not at the expense of the environment.

In the configuration of our Design | sleep Cubes, we take care to use materials from regenerative and recyclable sources whenever possible. In our Chillbox, which is included in every sleeperoo experience night, our guests will find snacks of organic quality. We prefer working with strategic partners who, like us, also stand for sustainability in their work.

Even on a small scale, we are environmentally conscious. In our office, recycling is a given and we all use water and electricity sparingly. Wherever possible, office furniture and supplies are made from recycled materials, and our coffee-to-go is served exclusively in reusable cups.

We are passionate about what we do

We see ourselves as enablers and realisers of dreams – which only works when you have passion.  Because we burn for the sleeperoo concept ourselves, we inspire others to do the same. Our passion is infectious in the best way.

We are courageous, determined, and ambitious and we are committed to our guests, our partners, and our team. We are passionate about what we do and get a lot out of it ourselves because that’s what makes work fun.

We are innovative and imaginative

We have the ambition to give our guests, our partners, and ourselves WOW moments again and again. That means we strive to exceed expectations and to consistently live out our claims of ingenuity. The status quo is not nearly enough for us, so we are constantly developing new and extraordinary ideas. The best source of inspiration is the wants and needs of our guests.

Anyone who dares to try new things also takes risks and sometimes makes mistakes. We take responsibility for these mistakes and do our best to learn from them.

We are proud to present our new services, such as sleeperoo4friends, sleeperoo4pets, or flexiroo, our option for more security and flexibility in booking and we will continue to delight our guests and partners with new ideas in the future.

Our team spirit connects us and moves us forward

We are a team. Our different skills and experiences are what make us strong together. That is why we respect each team member with his or her own individual characteristics. We support each other by sharing information, insights, and suggestions. It’s always nice to know that we can rely on each other because only when we’re working together do we have fun at work. Having different opinions and views in the room is what challenges us as a team. We take these various perspectives seriously and resolve potential conflicts constructively.

We celebrate our successes – that, too, strengthens our team spirit!

Professionalism is the backbone of our actions

We are professionals and prove it daily. We want to provide our guests with unforgettable moments and that’s exactly why we make use of our different skills and experiences.

We are working to constantly improve our work processes and organisational structures. We have our eyes on the prize and complete our tasks quickly, efficiently, and with care. Because we know: Quality is in the details.

This professional reliability is precisely what gives our stakeholders peace of mind. We take responsibility for what we do and learn from our experiences. We keep an eye on costs and revenues. This is the only way to ensure our profitability. Not everything always goes according to plan. That’s why we react to changes with flexibility. If a problem arises, we find a fitting solution as quickly as possible.


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